So when is a grill turner not a grill turner? This item is for turning food on the grill and not the grill itself, which I think makes it a spatula. Anyway, the Good Grips Stainless Steel Barbecue Turner from OXO is made from stainless steel, with a rubber handle, and is about 19” long. The metal goes all the way to the end of the handle, and isn’t just poked in a few inches. This makes it far more sturdy. There’s a hole in the handle for hanging, rather than a loop. The head has a design perforated into it, for grip as well looks, and a serrated edge for cutting meat. The front edge is slightly sharpened, which makes it slips under the meat you’re grilling, even if it’s stuck to the grill.

This BBQ turner feels solid but isn’t too heavy, and the soft grip of the Good Grips range works as advertised. It’s comfortable in the hand, doesn’t slip when greasy or wet, and always stays cool even if you have it in the grill for a while. It’s large enough and sturdy enough to handle larger burgers and steaks. The serrated edge is pretty sharp, and works as it should, and is useful for checking the meat is cooked inside, etc. The Good Grips products range has actually won a design award from the Arthritis Foundation, that’s how good some people think it is.

Being stainless steel and rubber, the grill flipper is fully dishwasher safe, or you can use the traditional hot soapy water method. I found the small perforations on the head were small enough to trap shreds of meat and other barbecuing debris, particularly if left unwashed for a while after grilling. The dirt was easily pushed out with a small item, but it was a little annoying.

Overall, this spatula, sorry, barbecue flipper, is a good product, especially for those who have problems with their hands.

This Tool Is Chosen as The #1 Pitmaster’s Choice In The Grilling Spatulas Category!

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