The OXO version of locking tongs are made from brushed stainless steel, are about 13” long including the loop, and have non-slip rubber handles. The locking mechanism allows the tongs to be locked for storage, and is as easy as simply pulling on the hanging ring to lock, and pushing to unlock. The heads are of the scalloped type, slightly flatter than spoon shaped. This particular model of grill tongs has plain steel grips, not nylon or rubber like some designs.

Although not as long as others, these grilling tongs work just as well, although more care is needed on larger or hotter grill, because your hands will be closer to the heat. I find these scalloped heads aren’t as grippy as other designs, which means you have to exert more pressure, which means you can end up squashing softer items if you aren’t careful. To offset this to some degree, these BBQ locking tongs have cushioned rubber, non-slip handles. These work very well, and they’re one of the few designs I’ve seen that include a thumb rest. This is surprisingly effective in giving more control over the pressure applied by the barbecue tongs. The grips also remain non-slip if your hands are greasy or wet, so you retain control at all times. They’re also heat resistant, allowing you to use the tongs safely, even if fishing items out of boiling water, for instance.

When it’s time to clean up, these stainless steel tongs are easy to get clean by hand, as the dirt almost slides off. And they are completely dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning them even easier.

As locking BBQ tongs go, these have good grip, and are sturdy and well made. I would only really recommend them for small grills or kitchen use, as they are a little short for a flaming BBQ grill.

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