The Pit Boss 440 Deluxe wood pellet grill is made from heavy duty steel, with a textured copper and black finish. It measures 39” x 18” x 36” and provides a 440 square inch cooking surface. At one end there is a chromed steel preparation shelf.  Below this is a grease spout with a hook for the supplied bucket. The lid has a built-in temperature gauge. At the other end is the control box, with the wood hopper and a dial type control system with a LED readout.  The whole unit sits on a stand with four legs, two of which have wheels. There is a solid tray at the bottom of this. This wood smoker grill is powered via standard power socket.

Some assembly is required for this pellet smoker grill, but it doesn’t take too long to put together. You can tell straight away this is made from a relatively high grade of steel, it feels heavy, and not thin like some grills. It seems to be a bit of a lottery over which wheels you get. The one’s mine came with are laughable, barely wheels at all. Although cutting corners on the things that keep the grill upright is no laughing matter, given the weight of it. It does have a handle on the control box at least, so moving it around, even when it’s on, is simple.

The controls on this wood pellet grill are simple enough, although it’s more like selecting the individual settings rather than a finely variable control. These vary from Smoke to High, the latter presumably meaning as high as it will go on the day. The hopper takes about 18lbs of wood pellets, which should keep you going for a while. It heats up pretty fast too, so not too much waiting around for the hungry crowd. The capacity is good, it can take a huge turkey or several hams, so no problem there. Cleaning up after is easy enough, and the grease catcher does its job fine.

I’m still not sure why the manufacturers call this a deluxe version, it looks pretty standard to me. There are no extra features like an internal light, although it does have a bottle opener, and it doesn’t even have a chimney. The controls are basic, if adequate, and it cooks food fine. Otherwise it’s just like many other wood smoking BBQs.

Overall, I’d say it was an adequate pellet smoking grill, the quality reflected in the slightly higher price.  I’d recommend you go to the store and see it for yourself, maybe compare it with a few others, before committing to buy it.

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