The Rec Tec pellet grill is made from steel, powder coated in black, with a red lid and detailing. The handles are polished stainless steel. There is a chimney at one end, and a preparation shelf at the other, which also holds the touch pad control. The unit stands on a sturdy base, with two wheels and two lockable casters. The base has a wire shelf at the bottom. On the rear of the unit are two large hoppers for feeding in the wood pellets. Internally, there’s a useful light. Beneath the chimney is a grease spout, complete with bucket. The cooking area provided by this Rec Tec wood pellet grill is 702 square inches. The unit is powered from a standard power outlet.

This particular model of Rec Tec wood¬†grill is something of a beast, 250lbs shipped weight, to be exact. Expect some assembly, of course, which takes about an hour, depending on how eager you are to get cookin’! Getting the thing working is really simple. Just fill the hoppers with wood pellets, set the temperature and press the on switch. And that’s it. The grill takes care of maintaining the right temperature, so there’s no need to check it.

The cooking area is huge, more than enough for the largest of birds or briskets. The pellet hoppers hold an impressive 40lb of pellets, so that should keep you going for a while. There’s a spout at one end, which feeds into a bucket held on by a hook. This is probably the most accurate grease catcher I’ve ever seen, in that the drips actually go in the bucket.

Cleaning the pellet smoker grill after cooking is simple enough, and lining it with kitchen foil makes it even easier. It’s certainly no more of a chore than with any BBQ equipment.

Supporting the Rec Tec smoking pellet grill is a stout stand, with two wheels and two casters with locks, much like roller-blade wheels, so moving it around is really easy. And there’s even a light inside, which is very useful.

There are a couple of points that go against this wood pellet BBQ. First is the fan, which is noisy enough to be annoying if you’re close to it for any length of time. And second is the eye-watering shipping cost. But it is a big unit, with a high price tag to start with. Shipping a pallet across country isn’t cheap. What you can do to offset this somewhat is to buy a bundle from Rec Tec, which increases the price but actually gives much better value.

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