This particular grill scraper is made by The Sage Owl company. It’s an irregular circle about 2.5” in diameter. It’s made entirely of brass .08” thick. It has twelve grooves around the edge and a flat blade. A bottle-opener is also included. The universal fit design can be used on most types and sizes of grills, griddles, oven racks, etc. The item comes with a hook and chain for storage.

It looks like some kind of martial arts weapon, but this grill scraper is actually a very useful piece of kit for any BBQ enthusiast. The notches around the edges are used to scrape burnt-on grease and other substances from various grill bars and grates, whether round or V-shaped. It fits all type and styles of equipment, including ovens and griddles. Three of the notches can also be used on National Parks and Campgrounds barbecues. Brass grill scrapers are also safe to use on porcelain and Teflon-coated grills, brass being a softer metal than steel. It should still provide years of service though, as brass won’t rust.

Cleaning a grill scraper after use is very quick and easy, not much more than a wipe with a soapy cloth. And these things are safer than brushes, while also having a much longer life-span.

The compact size of this model of grill scraper makes it easy to store and carry, but it does make it a little more difficult to grip. Unless you’re wearing an oven mitt, I certainly wouldn’t use it on a hot grill. And that bottle-opener isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever used.

Overall, I’d say this brass grill scraper tool is well designed and very useful, easily transported and stored. It has a hook and a chain to hang it somewhere convenient while grilling, but I can’t help thinking it’s been superseded by better designs.

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