Sanfee’s BBQ Grill Scraper is 4.5” x 2.5” and is made from 304 stainless steel, dark gray in color. There are six notches for scraping round grill bars and four for V-shaped bars, in various sizes. The head also has a blade for scraping flat areas and a bottle opener. This grill scraper also has a short handle. A chrome hook for hanging the item is also included in the pack.

Grill scrapers are designed to be a replacement for grill brushes, which have had some bad press recently over safety issues. This particular one has ten notches designed to fit the round and V-shaped bars on many different types and styles of grills. It also has a blade for flat areas. They’re used to clean grease, sauces, etc. from the grill after cooking or between different foods. It does function as intended and is quite versatile in that it fits most pieces of equipment. It’s also easy to clean, and very easy to store due to its compact design. This one also has a bottle opener on the head, although it isn’t the easiest thing to use. This grill scraper comes with a chrome hook to hang it somewhere convenient, which is a nice inclusion.

If you read the description on Amazon you’ll spot several typo’s, and that the text contradicts the images. For instance, the product description states “grill scraper with long handle” when the handle is actually quite short. You could use it on a hot grill, but I’d recommend using an oven mitt in that case, or wait until the grill is cooler.

Another issue I have is with this grill scraper is the bottle opener. As well as being tricky to use the hook of it points down towards the short handle, right where your fingers will be. It’s not razor-sharp, but if your hand slips, there’s no extra grip on it, it could ruin your day.

In conclusion, even though it’s a functional and useful product, I’d say it loses a star for the safety concern, and maybe another half for the poor item description.

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