The Ronco rotisserie is made from polished stainless steel, with a black plastic control panel and a heat-resistant glass door. It measures around 15” x 17” x 13”. The unit comes supplied with a rotisserie spit rod assembly, non-stick drip pan, grate cover, multi-purpose basket, some food ties, a pair of rubber BBQ oven gloves, a carving platform, and an instructional DVD & recipe book. The Showtime rotisserie plugs into a standard power outlet. The control panel has a dial for cooking time and a three way switch to control the rotation settings.

If you’re one of those people who likes BBQ flavor but doesn’t want to go through all the BBQing process and clean up, this Ronco rotisserie oven might be the gadget you’re looking for. It’s a counter top unit, mains powered and surprisingly compact. The rotisserie rods can be removed from the unit, so loading it up with food is simple. You can cook a wide variety of food with it, anything you can BBQ. It will take, according to the manufacturer, a 15lb turkey, or a 10lb ham if you prefer. You can do smaller items of course, like sausages, burgers, fish, etc.

The controls on this rotisserie machine are simple enough, there’s a dial for cooking time, marked in hours, and a three way switch, for normal rotation, rotation without heat, and a ‘pause to sear’ setting, which speaks for itself. And that’s it. As they say, set it and forget it. Cooking times are about an hour and a half, depending on the food of course, but that’s really free time for you.

The rotisserie rods, the pans and the glass door can all go in the dishwasher after use, so cleaning up  is also easy.

So, does the food cooked in this set it and forget it rotisserie taste as good as BBQ grilled food? Of course not. But it does taste better than oven cooked food, and the rotisserie action means the food isn’t cooking in its own fat, which is healthier as well as better tasting.

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