The Smokehouse assorted wood for smoking pack comprises four bags of wood chips; two hickory, one apple and one alder. Each bag is 242 cubic inches, around 1¾ pounds in weight. The wood chips are finer than other products.

I was expecting smoker wood chips when I opened this product, instead I got what looks like pet bedding. This product isn’t designed for putting on the fire or using as fuel, but for use in a smoke box. Using it on the fire will get you a nice effect like a magic spell, but not a lot of actual smoke. Soaking it is also tricky, as you just get a bucket of mush, which will smother the fire if it isn’t burning strongly enough.

The idea of this size of smoking chips is that it produces smoke much more quickly than larger pieces, almost instantly in fact. But it burns up very quickly, and you can get through a lot in a short period of time. Using it in a smoker is fine, on an open BBQ it’s not really going to do much.

If I was looking for a variety pack of bbq wood, I wouldn’t really expect two the same, but that’s what you get. Two packs of hickory out of four isn’t much of a variety in my book. The apple is fine, no problem there. The fourth pack is alder. Personally, I’m not a big fan of alder, it doesn’t have much flavor other than a general smokiness. This is ok for delicate items like some fish, but for most foods it just doesn’t pack enough of a punch.

In other words, when buying wood smoking chips, you’d be better off buying the individual packs of the flavors you like, rather than this pack. I can recommend these wood chips only for those who own a smoker box.

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