The Steven Raichlen bbq gloves are made from black and orange suede and are 18” long and 9”wide. They are one size, around men’s XL. The gloves are heat resistant to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, or 246 degrees Celsius.

Being made from soft suede, these bbq glove set fit nice on the hand, if they’re your size, and are flexible enough for you to feel what you’re doing. I do like the length of these grill gloves, they cover a good portion of the forearms, depending on how big you are, and so help protect against spitting and boiling foods. And they do look cool when worn, but them being one size is a definite drawback.

In my opinion, these aren’t barbecue gloves at all, but fancy oven mitts. They’re fine for holding hot items such as pans and skewers, and charcoal chimneys, but no good for the really hot items like grill plates and racks. The heat transfer when lifting hot items is immediate, not enough to burn you when using for handling the things I mentioned, but it is a little disconcerting when you first experience it.

Another draw back with these bbq mitts is they can’t be machine washed or dried. They have to be  hand washed and left to dry naturally, out of the sun.

When handling very hot items you need to be able to rely on them, not guess whether they’ll work or not. The manufacturer does give a warning about prolonged exposure to hot metal, etc. but in that case why sell them as gloves for bbq when that’s exactly what they’ll be used for?  Perhaps if you’re the deputy griller, and the chief griller has decent gloves they’d be fine, otherwise I’d go for something more substantial.

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