The Steven Raichlen potato grilling rack is made from stainless steel, and measures approximately 2” x 4” x 18”. It has four fin-like spikes on the top to hold up to four potatoes.

You can tell straight away this potato roasting rack is cheaply made. It’s designed to be mass produced by a machine, churning them out by the thousand with not a human in sight.

A potato grill rack is supposed to hold potatoes, or other suitable vegetables, in the right position for cooking on a grill. The idea is the metal conducts the heat deep inside the potatoes, so cooking them faster. As you don’t need to cover them in foil, they pick up the BBQ flavor as they’re cooking.

But does it work I hear you say. Well, yes it does, in that it produces edible and quite tasty taters. Make sure you give the potato holder rack a good coating of your favorite oil, or the potatoes will stick to the fins. And you might still want to cover them in foil as they can burn on too high a heat, in particular they can go black on the bottom. As to whether they cook faster, maybe, by a few minutes or so.

The worst thing about this baked potato rack is cleaning afterwards. You need the oil to stop the food sticking, but it burns onto the rack, meaning it will need a good scrubbing to get it clean again. Stainless steel it certainly ain’t.

What we have here in this baked potato holder is the original definition of a gadget, in that it’s an item that makes a simple task more complicated. If you want your potatoes to cook faster, cut a cross in the top half inch, or wrap them in foil and put them in the coals, or microwave them for five minutes before finishing them on the grill. Or all three. Overall, this potato baker worth a try.


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