The Traeger pellet grill is made from rolled steel, powdered coated black, with a brown lid. It measures 18” x 37” x 36”. The barrel-shaped body sits on a black stand, with two of the four legs having large wheels. At one end is the box which controls the mechanism, complete with digital temperature display and an on/off switch. The cooking surface is 300 square inches. The unit is powered by standard mains voltage.

Traeger wood pellet grills use a motor powered augur, like a drill bit, to push wood pellets from the hopper and onto a glowing element. There they begin to smoke, and it’s this that cooks the food. This model is the smallest of the range, but still has enough space for a large family or small gathering. The smoke temperature is controlled by a dial, so you can be very precise in what temperature you want. The idea then is you close the lid and sit back for the required time, and when you open the lid you’ll have a feast all ready and waiting. The motor will continue feeding in the pellets at a measured rate during that time, so nothing to worry about really.

This smaller model of Traeger pellet BBQ is advertised as being perfect for traveling and tailgating. As you will have already noticed, the grill needs a power outlet to work, so unless there’s one handy when you get where you’re going, you won’t be smokin’ anything at all. The other problem is the weight and size. At 60lbs it’s more luggable than portable. And the legs don’t fold up, although you could remove them and either refit when you get there or stand it on a table without them.

Which begs the question why would I buy a Traeger wood smoker grill in the first place? If you just want a grill to use at home you’d buy one of a size that’s right for you. If it’s not practical to move around, why buy one that’s claims to be portable?

We’ve heard this so many times before, but it also seems Traeger smoking pellet grills are now made in China and the quality has fallen drastically. For a normal charcoal BBQ, which is basically a fire in a metal pot, it’s less of an issue, but with something which has a motor-driven mechanism and electronic control, quality is important. For this price, and given the above limitations, I recommend this pellet smoker grill but with reservations.

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