Barbecue claws come in all shapes and sizes these days, and these are Weber’s attempt at them they consist of a hard plastic handle and stainless steel frame, with four sharp tines. The handles fit nicely in the hand, although being round they can rotate if you put too much pressure on them or have greasy hands. The tines are sharp, and pierce the meat easily. They also have a decent length, so make carrying and lifting even heavy pieces easy and confident. They are fully dishwasher proof, so easy enough to clean up.

These Weber meat claws are also useful for other tasks around the kitchen and barbecue. For instance, the sharp tines will puncture many food items, and so can be used when slicing fruit and vegetables, as well as meat. They make the handling of hot or cold food simpler and more comfortable, with less chance of slipping.

When it comes to shredding, I found the tines were sharp enough but too far apart. They’re good for larger pieces, when tearing meat up for instance, but when it came to shredding finely I found myself putting them down and going back to my twin forks method.

For a Weber product, I found these BBQ meat forks a little disappointing. I wouldn’t say they were flimsy, they’re strong enough material wise. But the middle two tines are held together with a flat metal clip, and so are effectively only welded at one end. This is because they had to leave a space to put your fingers around the handle, and so the two center tines aren’t as well attached as they could be. They didn’t fail in the time I used them, but I can’t see these particular grilling claws lasting a lifetime.

Maybe if you’re looking for some decent meat handlers, these are the bear claws you’re looking for. But when it comes to shredding, you should check our winner in BBQ Meat Shredding Claws category.

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