This Weber chimney starter is made from steel with a brushed finish. It measures 10.5” x 8” x 6”approximately. On the side is black plastic handle, with a heat shield between it and the body of the unit. The body has a polished steel grid inside, and several perforations for airflow.

For those of you unfamiliar with the charcoal chimney starter, this item is designed to speed up the time needed to get a BBQ fire started. The chimney part refers to the shape of it, and has nothing to do with actual chimneys. To use the Weber chimey starter, you find a suitable place, like open ground or a metal surface or other non flammable area, such as your BBQ. Then make a stack of fire lighters or crumpled newspaper, light it and sit the chimney on top filled with charcoal. The shape of the chimney funnels the heat up into the packed coals, thus lighting them far quicker than can be managed in the grill itself. The coals get hot enough to start cooking in about fifteen minutes, which is quite impressive.

Be warned, this rapidfire chimney starter gets hot, including the handle, so wear suitable oven gloves. Don’t just use a cloth, because this thing is full of hot coals, complete hand protection is a must.

This model of bbq charcoal starter holds enough coals to start a Smokey Joe or a Jumbo Joe BBQ, according to Weber, and grills of a similar size. Of course you can also start a larger grill with it, by building up the fire once it’s lit, but this will take longer.

If you have problems with lighting fires, this charcoal starter can won’t help a great deal, since you need to light one underneath it and keep it going for fifteen minutes or so. If you’re a bit of a twisted fire starter, you’ll be fine. If you’re looking for speed and have a smaller model grill, this is probably the product for you.

Compared to Other Products, The Weber Rapidfire is The Best Charcoal Lighter in Class

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