This particular Weber gas grill is made from steel, painted in various shades of gray with some areas polished. The cooking grates are cast iron coated with porcelain, as are the flavorizer bars. It measures about 63” x 60” x 32”. The cooking area is around 360 square inches, with a 90 square inch warming rack. In addition, it has a fuel gauge, 6 tool hooks, a built in temperature gauge, and electronic ignition. On the bottom it has lockable casters for ease of movement. This model is powered by propane.

As Weber propane grills go, this is a smaller model, although the manufacturers claim there’s room for a twenty pound turkey. It comes flat-packed, as most thing do these days, but assembly is easy enough, although the instructions are just a bunch of pictures. Saves money on the old translation costs!

Like most liquid gas grills, this one does look good. The grey and silver design and red detailing really make it stand out. It also comes with fold-down side trays, like wings, which make it easier to store. The controls on the front are also impressive, nice and chunky.

Underneath the liquid propane grill are lockable casters, which makes moving it around easy. They have little flaps to lock them in place, although in practice they are a little flimsy, more like office furniture than a BBQ. The drip tray is fairly large, and easy to get at, but make sure you empty it after every use or it will ignite.

Talking of ignition, this liquid propane natural gas grill has a proper battery-powered one, not one of those works once and never again types. And the gas bottle has a fuel gauge, also useful, once you get used to it. The grill should arrive complete, needing only the easily obtainable gas bottle to get you up and grilling. This isn’t the largest grill in the world, big enough for a small family I’d say.

So, what’s this Weber natural gas grill like in use? Well, the first thing you notice is it’s not as sturdy and elegant as it looks. If you have all the parts, and if they aren’t damaged, you’ll end up with a working grill. But it’s obvious someone has taken this design and watered it down with thinner metal, cheaper parts and a lack of attention to detail and quality control. Nothing wrong with things being made in China as such, but when you take away the checks things can only go in one direction, down.

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