The Weber 6493 21-Inch 3-Sided Grill Brush, to give it it’s full title,  (I’ll just call it a Weber grill brush from here on) is made from stainless steel wire and has a short plastic handle, and the usual loop for hanging. The bristles are made from extra-thick stainless steel, and continue around the ends of the wire head to give it the three sides of the name.

This Weber grill brush isn’t for cleaning down the entire grill, but is more designed for reaching hard-to-reach places, all the nooks and crannies where other brushes can’t reach.  As it’s stainless steel, I wouldn’t recommend it for porcelain or other similar non-stick surfaces, but most other grills, and ovens, will be fine.

I have mixed feelings about this particular Weber grill brush. The handle is long and gives you good  reach, but only about half of it is covered in plastic, which means it can only be used one-handed, unless you hold the wire, which isn’t ideal. Another problems is with the bristles, particularly when new. They are a bit springy, and so tend to flick grease around when scrubbing with any pressure, so watch your clothing. If you’re a little heavy handed, you can also bend the wire part of the handle. Not a major problem, as you can easily straighten it again, but it does reduce the effect of the scrubbing action, as you’re always conscious of the thing bending.

Overall, I’d say the Weber grill brush is a useful addition to your BBQ brush armory, and works well, provided you don’t put too much pressure on the handle or expect to use it to clean an entire grill. Save it for the finishing touches, for cleaning those awkward to reach spots and out of the way places, and use something more substantial for cleaning the main areas.

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