Designed to fit Weber 200/2000 series grills, this Weber kabob rack is made from polished stainless steel, is about 16” x 9” and comes with five brushed steel skewers. The skewers have small handles riveted on, with the Weber logo printed on them. The BBQ rack has legs to keep the kebobs from touching the grill, and handles to move the whole unit around. The skewers can be bought separately for convenience and for preparing beforehand.

I think this particular kabob set looks pretty good. The steel frame is quite thick and sturdy, and when the skewers all have the little logo facing in the same direction it’s visually pleasing. But what’s important is how it functions. The very first thing you notice when using this kebab set is the bluntness of the skewers. I’m not sure if this is an oversight or health and safety gone mad, but the skewer ends are duller than my finger tips. How they got the raw food on them to take the publicity shots I don’t know.

The good thing about the skewers is they’re flat, which means the food stays in place when you turn them, if you can get it on there in the first place. The design of the grilling rack is supposed to keep the skewers in place whichever way you turn them, but in practice this is only three or four positions, and even then they still slip. The handles with the logo design does make it easier to remember which side of the kabob you’ve cooked, and which ones you’ve already turned.

As the grill rack is made from stainless steel, it’s easy to clean, and can go in the dishwasher safely.

Really, apart from the skewers which need a good sharpening, this is a fairly decent product. Solid, sturdy and about the right size for the average grill. And being able to get spare skewers is a useful addition for those who like to prepare ahead of time.

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