These Weber grill gloves are made from heat resistant materials, with a silicone grip pattern on the palm. They are black with red detailing, and come as a pair.

I’d say bbq gloves are an essential piece of any griller’s tool box, whether you grill only during the holidays or every day. It’s easy to forget things around the grill can get hot, and some items stay hot a lot longer than you think. And a roaring charcoal grill is far hotter than most people encounter, certainly hotter than an oven. This is particularly true for those who have less experience of barbecuing.

Described by Weber as a ‘glove set’ this is actually a pair of barbecue gloves, nothing more or less. They’re comfortable to wear, fit well and have a long cuff that covers the wrist. As they cover the entire hand, they’re far superior to using a pot cloth or other item, and if you leave them on you’ll never forget to use them. They’re also flexible enough to allow you to feel what you’re doing, and don’t feel like boxing gloves.

It’s good to remember these grill mitts are for handling hot metal or ceramic items on and around a grill, they aren’t welder’s gloves so you shouldn’t really be picking up hot charcoal with them, although you could lift the grill plates when they’re hot.

After the BBQ session, you can machine wash them, but expect some fading over time. This doesn’t effect the performance. In my opinion you should put these barbecue mitts on when you light the fire, and leave them on until the grilling is done and you step away from the grill. That way you’re much less likely to burn yourself by accident. Assume everything is hot and you’ll be fine. Overall, this glove set is fairly hard-wearing, fit well, and they certainly look the part.

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