Designed to fit Weber Q200 series and larger grill, this Weber smoker box is made from brushed finish stainless steel, and is 9.8” x 4.5” x 2” in size. The lid is hinged, and has a large tab for easier opening. The lid has a hole and slot design to allow the smoke to escape. The Weber BBQ smoker box fits under the grill, and can be used on suitable non-Weber barbecues.

When I first picked up this Weber wood smoker box, I expected it to be heavier, but the steel isn’t that thick. It is well made and designed, I like the ease with which the lid lifts for filling, but it isn’t the sturdiest on the market. It takes a good amount of wood chips and takes a while to get going, at least twenty minutes. I also found it isn’t a matter of if the chips will catch fire but when, so have a bottle of water ready to dampen them down.

When it comes to refilling the Weber smoking box, it’s pretty straight forward. You can leave it in place, and lift the lid with one hand and put in more chips with the other, using oven mitts of course.

The lid of the Weber smoke box has plenty of holes to let the smoke out. The middle holes are joined together by mysterious slots. I’m not sure if they’re there to somehow shape the flow of smoke, to increase the flavor, or just for decoration. We may never know.

Another thing I noticed, and Weber really need to sort this out, is this particular model of Weber smoke box seems to have different designs, including some which have holes in the bottom, which is, in my opinion, ridiculous. The first thing you do is cover the holes with foil, right?

If you get one of these smoking boxes without the holes it should work fine. Or why not cut out the gamble and go for another make.

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