The Western variety pack provides four varieties of wood chips for smoking. These are maple, peach, apple, and cherry. Each bag is 180 cubic inches, which is a little over two pounds. Also included in the pack is a smoker tray and a DVD containing four step by step video recipes.

The four bags of smoker wood chips I received were all good, nice and dry and not too many splinters or dust. The pack contains a good variety of flavors; the almost universally popular apple, the nearly as popular cherry, peach, which provides a good alternative, and maple, which is popular but not to everyone’s taste.

The fruit varieties go with almost anything, apple being best with pork products, and cherry and peach going well with chicken or turkey. Maple is normally used on bacon, of course, as well as other red meats, and it also works well with fish. But you should experiment with the different wood chips and different foods, even mixing the different chips in various proportions to create something unique.

Included in this package of chip wood is a smoker tray. It’s very basic, really just a sheet of folded-over galvanised steel. The corners aren’t even welded together. But it does hold about the right amount of wood for an average session, and it does make smoke.

I would say this is more of a trial product, ideal if you’re just starting out and are looking for some smoking chips. At the price it is good value, even given the basic smoker tray. There are only four recipes included on the DVD, but that’s more than enough to start with. And they do walk you through the different stages. If you’ve never smoked food before and want to give it a try, this product is a good place to start without spending a lot of money.

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