Kabob racks are one of the greatest grill tools to own, especially if you like cooking skewers on the grill. Kabobs are a very healthy way to grill meat and vegetables. All you need is a simple marinade and a good dipping sauce. You can alternate meat and vegetables on the skewers, or you can make them all vegetable or all meat (like yakitori style). The kabob rack makes it a breeze to flip your kabobs. The rack is made with stainless steel and it comes with metal skewers that fit into the rack’s notches. The skewers lock into place, so it is easy to turn the skewers (a full 360 degrees) when you are ready to flip your kabobs.

We took a look at three different brands of kabob racks and rated them on a few important categories. We scored each brand based on the following essential characteristics: Design, Durability, Clearance, and Cleanup. We rated them on a scale of 1-5 scoring for each category (where 1 is the worst and 5 is the best). Then, we came up with an Overall Score that brought all the qualities together.

You can read our in-depth analysis and review of each kabob rack, or you can choose to read the summary below the ranking table. If one of the racks sounds like it’s a good fit for you, click on the Amazon button to purchase it!

Overall Kabob Racks Review Scores






Overall Score

Cave Tools Skewer Shish Kabob Set

Cave Tools






Brinkmann Shish Kabob Set







Weber Original Kabob Grilling Rack







Cave Tools Skewer Shish Kabob Grill Rack

As with all Cave Tools products, the three piece tool set comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return the items for a full refund if you aren’t happy. They also come in a nice box, so would make an ideal gift for any BBQ fan.

Bottom line: This is a professional grade product, solid and sturdy, made to last a lifetime.

This Product Is Ranked as the #1 Pitmaster’s Choice In The Kabob Racks Category

Brinkmann Shish Kabob Set

If you’re wondering about the row of holes along the side of the frame, they supposedly allow you to turn the rack over without the skewers dropping out when grilling. I’m not sure why you would want to do this, and I presume you have to put the food on the skewers after putting them through the holes, or use very tiny pieces of food.

Overall, this kabob barbecue set isn’t the best on the market, but is a comparable price, so not one I can recommend.

Weber Original Kabob Rack

I think this particular kabob set looks pretty good. The steel frame is quite thick and sturdy, and when the skewers all have the little logo facing in the same direction it’s visually pleasing. But what’s important is how it functions. The very first thing you notice when using this kebab set is the bluntness of the skewers. I’m not sure if this is an oversight or health and safety gone mad, but the skewer ends are duller than my finger tips. How they got the raw food on them to take the publicity shots I don’t know.

Really, apart from the skewers which need a good sharpening, this is a fairly decent product. Solid, sturdy and about the right size for the average grill. And being able to get spare skewers is a useful addition for those who like to prepare ahead of time.

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