The Artisan Griller Eazy-Q Wood Pellet Smoker Tube is made from 100% stainless steel and is approximately 12” x 2”. There are perforations all the way around the tube. One end has a perforated cap, the other is open. This version is a round tube, not square or hexagonal like some designs.

Wood pellet tube smokers are a quick and easy way to smoke food on a grill without a smoker, although they can also be used as the smoke source in a traditional smoker. The tube is simply filled with dry pellets and lit. Once the pellets are smouldering, not actually burning, the pellet tube is placed somewhere on the grill and it will emit smoke at a steady rate for, in this case, around 4 hours on one fill. The wood pellet smoker tube can be used on almost any grill to add flavor to all kinds of meat and other foods. In addition, it can be used to cold smoke items without using heat. The wood pellet smoker tube is used in exactly the same way, but without lighting the grill.

This wood pellet smoker tube works just as well as others on the market, but the keen-eyed among you will notice it’s an actual tube, which means it will roll if not properly secured. Most of the time this isn’t a problem and also not beyond the wisdom of the average griller to make sure it stays put when lit. No one wants a miniature medieval weapon rolling across their garden. Although it works very well, producing a plentiful and even supply of smoke, I can’t help knocking a point off for this. The square and hexagon shaped models can be put anywhere and at any angle without having to worry, whereas this one needs a bit more care.

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