These BBQ Grilling Glove Oven Mitts by Cave Tools as made from Aramid kevlar and silicone with polycotton liners. They are gloves rather than mittens and measure approximately 13” x 6.7”. They are designed to be one size fits all. Extended cuffs offer extra protection to the wrists and lower forearms. They are heat resistant up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit. Supplied as a pair.

The thing I like best about these grilling glove oven mitts is the fact they are actually gloves. The separate fingers make them feel more natural and give you more confidence when using them. Mitts are fine in most situations, but these grilling gloves are one or even two steps better. You can use them for exactly the same things, so lifting and carrying hot items, working around the grill and cleaning up hot equipment afterwards. But they can also be used for more precise actions, like lifting and turning skewers or smaller food items, opening packets and containers, and generally doing things mitts wouldn’t allow. The extended cuffs are a nice addition. They aren’t as heat resistant as the main parts, but they’re thick enough if you accidentally touch something hot when reaching over the grill. After use, the grilling gloves can be cleaned very easily in the washing machine.

I found the biggest difference between mitts and grilling gloves was I tended to leave the gloves on more. If you use mitts they have to be removed when, for instance, you reach for your beer bottle or the last burger. (Pit masters always eat last, right?) With these grilling gloves, there’s no need to constantly take them on and off. Despite the heat resistance, the grilling gloves are still flexible and the non-slip grip can hold the slippiest items. This comfort and convenience make BBQ grilling gloves much safer than mitts because if you don’t take them off you won’t forget to put them back on!

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