The Brinkman BBQ spatula is made from stainless steel, which is one single piece, with two pieces of hardwood riveted to it to serve as a handle. Overall, it’s about 19” long, so it’s a good length. On the end of the handle is a bottle opener, which also serves as a hanging loop.

This barbecue turner is obviously a budget model, you can tell that as soon as you use it. The design is simple, probably stamped from a single sheet of steel and then shaped. The hardwood handles seem almost an afterthought, and don’t actually cover all the metal. It works well enough as a grilling spatula of course, it has a shaped tip for slipping under your burgers, and a long handle to keep your hands away from the flames. But it’s no good for much else, particularly heavier pieces of meat.

As for the bottle opener, well, it does open bottles, but if you have the bottle in one hand and the BBQ flipper in the other, you have to put it down to turn it around, and if the flat end has just been used it will be greasy and hot. It’s a very minor problem in the scheme of things, but one to note if you’re thinking of buying one.

Whether you put this grill spatula in the dishwasher is really up to you. Neither the manufacturer nor myself would recommend it, as wood and hot water don’t mix, but I know people who do wash this sort of item and get away with it. Otherwise it can be washed with warm, soapy water and dried thoroughly.

Overall, if you only flip a few burgers once in a while this BBQ turner is fine. If you want more features and a better design for your spatula you’d be better off looking at other products.

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