These grilling tongs from Brinkmann are around 16.5” long, made from stainless steel, and have hardwood grips, which are screwed on to the metal. At the end there’s a hanging loop, which also acts as a latch to keep the tongs closed for storing. It’s a simple matter of pulling the ring to close the tongs, and pushing it in to allow them to open for use. The ends are both the same, simple spoon shapes with inward pointing teeth, like scalloped edges.

I found these BBQ tongs quite light in the hand, but they aren’t at all flimsy, at least not under normal pressure. The wooden handles are ok, but aren’t the biggest I’ve seen, leaving a lot of hot metal exposed. I find it quite easy to squash softer foods with these, as the teeth don’t grip a great detail. They’re fine for harder meats, and work as they should. I have noticed a problem with quality control on this item. People I’ve spoken to have reported the handles being loose from the factory, or the hinge pin falling out soon after purchase, and some have said the metal finish isn’t the best.

And when it comes to washing them, you’re going to have to do so by hand. They aren’t dishwasher safe, and I certainly wouldn’t risk it, especially with this item, although some people do.

My overwhelming impression of these barbeque tongs comes down to two letters; OK. The design is ok, the construction is ok, same as the price and durability and actual use, all ok. If you’re looking for grill tongs with a lighter spring, or maybe just want to turn a few hotdogs, then maybe you’ll like these. But if you want locking tongs which are better than ok, you should check out the winner in Barbecue Tongs category.

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