The Brinkmann Grilling Tool Set consists of three pieces; a bbq spatula, a grill fork and a set of cooking tongs. They’re all made of steel covered with a non-stick coating, with dark wooden handles and a rubber grip. They’re all a similar length, about 21”, and come with the obligatory loops for hanging. The tongs also come with a loop to keep them closed for storage.

The spatula is probably the most useful tool of the three in this particular grilling tool set. It has a serrated edge for cutting on one side, a row of blunt teeth on the other and a shaped front edge for slipping under any meat you’re grilling. As a bonus, it has a bottle opener to allow access to your favorite beverage while you’re grilling.

The fork is average at best, the tines are not exactly sharp nor very strong.  The tongs I gave up with pretty early on. They’re too flimsy and tend to bend if you put too much pressure on them, as you need to when trying to get a good grip on the food.

The problem is the design, the tangs of all the items in this bbq tool set are riveted to the last couple of inches of the handle, instead of running the whole length like others do. This creates a weak point, as shown by the tongs incident.

Being non-stick, they wash up easily enough, but bear in mind they can’t go in the dishwasher after a long grilling session.

And finally, the presentation, which is very poor. I know it’s not important to most buyers, but if this is a gift for someone you might want to buy an additional gift box, as this grilling tool set is literally wrapped in a cardboard sleeve and nothing else.

All of the above added together basically marks this barbecue tool set as a budget item. Yes, the spatula is fine, apart from the riveted joint, but you’ll probably find yourself using the tongs and fork from another set. Which basically means you’re paying for a spatula, so I’m not sure you’d get the best value by purchasing the whole grilling tool set.

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