Grill lights are relatively new to the BBQ market, and are designed for those times when you’re barbecuing into the night, or when the evenings draw in but the weather is still good. This Cave Tool BBQ light is about 9” x 5 X 3, is made from heat resistant black plastic, and features two lights, each with five LEDs, in a single head. There’s no on/off switch as such, but a touch sensitive panel under the logo. It also features three settings, low, medium and high, all activated by touching the panel. On the rear of the device is a C clamp with a tilt and swivel mounting, allowing the light to rotate a full 360 degrees, and tilt 270 degrees in either direction. This allows the grilling light to be attached to the handle or other suitable place of most grills, whether circular or rectangular. The heat resistant design means the light can be left on a working grill indefinitely. The barbecue light takes 3 AA batteries, and is also shower proof.

The first question you might ask is what’s the difference between a grill light and a flash light? Well, a flash light is difficult to mount on a grill, and even if you did it would probably melt, which is not safe from a food safety or fire hazard perspective.

The light this tool gives out is very bright, certainly more than enough to carry on safely grilling when the sun sets. It has three settings anyway, so you can pump up the brightness as it gets darker, which makes the batteries last longer. It’s also waterproof, so if it rains you can keep grilling. Any chef worth their title has grilled in the rain. That’s not to say you can go chucking this barbeque light in the pool, it’s rainproof, not scuba gear.

So apart from its special heat resistant properties, this grill led light is a bright, dimable, flash light with a clamp, and so has many other uses besides grilling. You can probably think of many more, but for instance, it could be used as a bike light, tool shed light, reading light on your head board, or just a flash light for finding the fuse box when the lights go out. And the grill flashlight comes in a great presentation box, so would make a nice gift.

Despite this not being a cooking implement, it still comes with access to Cave Tools online recipes, and of course is covered by their lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Yes, This Tool is The Best in Class in BBQ Grilling Lights Category.

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