There are ten skewers in this BBQ skewers set from Cave Tools. They’re made from stainless steel, whith a brushed rather than a polished finish. They’re 12” long and an inch wide at the widest part of the handle. Each skewer comes with a disc, which is used to push the food off the skewer and onto the plate. There is also a hanging loop for ease of storage.

It’s always useful to have plenty of barbecue skewers spare, and it allows you to make them ahead of time, or even get the kids to do it. That way you can make more than you think you’ll need, and freeze the excess.

Whether you’re using these BBQ sticks straight on the grill or on one of those fancy, new-fangled racks, there’s no denying they’re very well designed. The flat skewer grips all but the softest foods and keeps it from swinging back to the same position when you turn them. The disc on the end is a stroke of genius, allowing you to de-food (that’s a word) the skewer simply, quickly and without getting grease on your fingers. And don’t worry, the discs are kept on the grilling skewers by a flattened section of the skewer, so they won’t go missing, nor can you load them with food without having the disc in the correct place, so they’re almost fool proof.

I was also glad to see these grill skewers have a decent point on the end. It’s not so sharp as to be lethal, but it does allow you to pierce even raw meat.

The BBQ stainless steel skewers are compatible with the Cave Tools kabob rack, are fully dishwasher safe so clean up is easy, and also come with access to Cave Tools recipe website. Despite being such a relatively simple item, they also come with the Cave Tools lifetime money back guarantee.

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