The Cave Tools Burger Press Patty Maker is made from brushed aluminum with a black plastic handle. It’s 4.7 inches in diameter and 3.15 inches high with the handle attached. Both halves of the patty maker have a row of lines which press a pattern into the burger during use. There’s also an indicator line in the bottom half which allows you to make quarter pounders, or simply fill the press to create 1/3 pounders.

In use, the burger press patty maker allows you to quickly and easily make as many patties as you want. They’ll all be a regular size, which helps when grilling. The solid aluminum construction means it will stand up to a lot of pressure. The handle is shaped to fit your palm, allowing a good but comfortable grip no matter how many burgers you make. It’s so easy to use you could get your whole family involved, and make enough patties for the whole barbecue season in one go.

Because it’s so quick to use, you can experiment with your patties, and, for instance, put in half the meat, add a layer of cheese and then the rest of the meat for a tasty cheeseburger.

This particular burger press patty maker comes with 200 free burger papers. I would highly recommend you use them, as they make removing and storing the patties much easier. Whether uncooked or frozen, separating them later is fairly straightforward when you use this method.

When your burger pressing session has finished, cleaning the burger press patty maker is very easy, particularly if you’ve been using the burger papers. The handle can be simply screwed off and the two halves of the press are basically just small dishes. The burger press is also dishwasher safe, so you can put it in with the rest of your dishwasher-safe grilling equipment.

The burger press patty maker comes with a barbeque recipe book and Cave Tools’ excellent lifetime money back guarantee.

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