This Cave Tools Grill Pan is made from stainless steel and is approximately 15.3” x 13” x 1” in size. Three of the four sides have a raised lip for carrying and support. The front edge has a raised groove to stop the food from sliding forwards. The left half of the bottom of the grill pan has a series of slots to allow traditional BBQ grilling and drainage of grease. The right half is solid.

The first thing you need to do when you receive this Grill Pan is to season it. This might seem like a chore but it’s easy enough to do and is well worth it. The manufacturer recommends you put plenty of oil over the pan, something like peanut or avocado oil is fine, and then place it in a hot oven at 350 degrees for one hour. Let it cool naturally and then give it a wipe down, and it’s ready for use.

Once this is done, you’ll only need to wipe it with a paper towel after each use instead of washing it or putting it in the dishwasher. You will need to repeat the seasoning occasionally.

Once that’s all done you can get to the good part, grilling! You can cook all sorts of foods on a grill pan, but the primary use is for cooking two different types at the same time. For instance, if you want to start the day with a nice breakfast, you can grill bacon on the slotted side, and get the full BBQ flavor, and fry eggs on the solid side. This also works with chicken and veg and all sorts of other combinations.

A grill pan is a quick and easy way to get extra use out of your grill, and this Cave Tools version is one of the best. It’s solid, versatile, should last for years and cleaning it couldn’t really be much simpler if you’ve seasoned it properly.

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