Cave Tools Long Skewers are just over 17” long, made from 100% stainless steel and include a food removal disk. The flattened handle is pierced for hanging and leaves 15.5” of the blade, which is also flat to allow proper food rotation during cooking. There are ten in each set, and they’re supplied in a canvas storage bag.

I would imagine almost everyone who barbecues has several sets of skewers hanging around, but these are the big ones. Each one provides the chef, and indeed the consumer, with over fifteen inches of food loading space! Making kabobs is quick and easy, and something that can be done ahead of time, so having plenty of skewers makes good sense.

These long skewers are just as easy to load and grill as the shorter ones provided your grill is wide enough. They have large handles and the flat profile means that when you turn them even the soft veggies turn as well, and don’t just cook on one side. In my experience cleaning skewers after using them can be a chore, which I suppose is why people use disposable ones. But these stainless steel ones solve that problem, as they are dishwasher safe. Once they’re clean and dry you can put them in the canvas bag provided and hang it on the grill so you can find them next time. It’s little touches like that which makes Cave Tools stand out from the competition.

Now, a question. Do you eat straight from the skewer or de-food them onto a plate? For me, eating them from the skewer is the only way. I’m an adult and I know the skewer is hot. (It’s metal and has been on a fire.) And the food is hot and might drip juices. So I can understand, for instance, when giving them to young children, or maybe in a formal setting, or when 15” is just too much, you might take the food off. Luckily, these particular long skewers come with a food removal ring which makes the job easier. A quick tip; hold the ring and pull the skewer, that way the food doesn’t move out of position over the plate. Because of good design, this ring doesn’t come all the way off the skewer, so you won’t lose it nor forget to put in on before loading the food.

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