Cave Tool’s brand meat rakes are made from strong stainless steel, have long, black soft grip handles with hanging holes and six tines. The tines are curved into ‘bear claws’ for ease of use. They come as a pack of two. They are approximately nine and a half inches long and four inches wide.

Meat rakes are, functionally speaking, very similar to meat claws. They can be used to pick up and carry large pieces of meat, hold meat steady when carving, and of course to shred meat in a fast and safe way. They can be used around the kitchen as well as with most types of grill and smokers. Like most Cave Tools products, these rakes are dishwasher safe, so there’s no problem with cleaning them after use.

I found this particular brand of meat rakes to be very solid in construction, made with thick metal and the handles look to be securely attached. The six widely spaced tines give you great control and stability over even oddly shaped pieces of meat. And you can use them for carving large fruits like watermelons, etc.

I’ve already mentioned the similarities between meat claws and rakes, so which should you choose? For most people, this will depend entirely on preference. The biggest difference is the positioning of the handle relative to the meat, a rake’s handle is turned 90 degrees to the meat, while the meat claw’s is parallel with it. For someone like me who has a touch of arthritis in their thumbs, the rakes are more comfortable, especially when shredding, as you can turn your grip to a ‘thumbs up’ position. If you’re in any doubt you could always visit your local supplier and give both a try.

Meat rakes are such useful, versatile and, most importantly, safe items to have everyone who grills should have a pair. Not just serious semi-pro grillers, but also if you only BBQ a few times a year.

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