Cave Tools meat shredding forks come as a pair, and are made from BPA-free black polyresin. Each unit is moulded as a single piece, with six actual claws, They fit comfortably in the hands, and you can get a good firm grip on them, so they feel solid and safe to use, even with greasy hands. This is the main advantage with using BBQ claws instead of the more traditional double fork technique. Forks can get slippery after a few uses, and can also be slow going.

They aren’t just pulled pork claws, they can be used for all kinds of tasks, but shredding meat is what they do best. They can be used as a pair for shredding large pieces of meat such as a whole pig, or you can use one to hold smaller pieces and shred with the other. If you aren’t using the barbecue meat claws to shred your meat, they can also be used to move hams and poultry etc. from the smoker to the kitchen for instance. You can even use one of the meat shredding claws and a carving knife to slice hams and other meat that don’t need shredding.

But these BBQ meat forks aren’t limited to just meat. They can be used for almost anything you want to hold and slice, like a huge watermelon, for instance.

When the shredding is done, Cave Tools pulled pork shredder claws can go straight in the dishwasher, so cleaning up is very simple. As with all Cave Tools products, these claws come with a lifetime money back guarantee, and access to their growing library of online recipes.

A word of warning here. These meat shredding claws aren’t called bear claws for nothing. They’re very sharp, so keep them out of the hands of children and Wolverine wannabes. Treat them like carving knives and you won’t go wrong.

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