These metal meat claws are made by Cave Tools from thick stainless steel with black non-slip handles. They’re shaped like bear paws, hence the name, although they have six claws. The ‘knuckle gap’ between the handle and the main body is wide enough for even large hands. The pack contains two of this item.

Technically, these metal meat claws are meat shredders, but you can do so much more with them. The first thing I noticed was the weight of them, they’re good and solid, obviously made from a single piece of thick metal. Despite the weight, the hand grips give you the confidence to use them, because you’ll know they won’t slip.

You will probably find lots of uses for metal meat claws, for instance when moving large pieces of meat around on the grill, moving items from kitchen to grill, and vice versa. You can use one of them and a decent knife to carve meat, and of course, you can shred meat with them, which, of course, they do exceptionally well. All of these things can be done with whatever you’ re cooking and whatever type of grill or smoker you’re using. They work on poultry and hams, etc. just as well as they do with pulled pork and no matter how hot the meat. You’ll probably find them just as useful in the kitchen as around the grill.

Being stainless steel, they’re also dishwasher safe, so cleaning up after a grilling session is quick and easy.

The gift box the metal meat shredders comes in is a nice touch, and the box can also be used to safely store the claws when not in use. Safety is important with items like this, they aren’t toys no matter how old you are!

Metal meat shredders are the quickest and safest way to carry, carve and shred meat, and for this alone you need to add them to you BBQ toolset. If that wasn’t enough they also come with Cave Tools’ usual lifetime guarantee and a free recipe book.

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