The Cave Tools Wide Smoker Box is made from 100% stainless steel with a brushed finish. The metal is 25% thicker than standard smoker boxes to reduce warping. The box is approximately 5” x 9”x 1.3”. It has a hinged and perforated lid of the same material. The hinge runs along the full length of the box. Its maximum capacity exceeds three cupfuls of wood chips.

The definition of wide for this wide smoker box is when compared to Cave Tools standard, which is 3” x 9”x 1.5”, so slightly lower but a couple of inches wider. This lower profile increases the ‘wood to metal’ surface area, the wood being the chips and the metal being the smoker box. In addition, there are no holes in the bottom or sides of the box. The heat from the grill makes the wood smoulder, not burn, and so produce smoke, not heat. Which is why this little box gives out so much smoke. It will work on most grills, either on the grill grates or just sitting on the glowing charcoals.

The higher capacity also means less refilling, so leaves the cook more time for other things.

You can put wet or dry chips in the wide smoker box, but the manufacturer recommends dry ones. Because the box has no holes in the bottom the heat can only get in by going through the metal, and wet chips don’t smoke as quickly as dry ones, for obvious reasons. If you’re doing a long session this might not matter, but for the average grilling run, it makes sense to just use dry chips. And make sure they are chips, larger pieces take far longer to begin to smoke, and won’t smoke as much once they are smouldering. They’ll last longer, but everyone will have gone home by then.

Cave Tools make a lot of the 25% thicker steel, and it does actually make a difference. It feels solid, like the old cast iron ones, and should last for years if looked after.

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