The Char-Broil Big Easy chicken leg roaster rack is made from steel, with a chrome plated finish. The item is actually two parts, two halves of a full shelf. The combined size is around 13” x 6” x 0.5”. The item is designed specifically for the Big Easy oil-less fryer.

Basically, this chicken leg grill roaster is two semi-circular shelves, designed to add extra cooking space in the Big Easy fryer. Although it’s a shelf, more specifically it’s a rack for hanging chicken legs and wings. Installation is easy enough, the two halves clipping on to the circular rack that came with the fryer. If your rack has warped slightly with use, you might have to put a bit more effort in to the fitting, but it’s not too difficult. No tools or special skills required.

The chicken is slid onto the chicken leg grill rack between the wire fingers so the thick ends hang downwards. Smaller pieces might need toothpicks to hold them in place. It takes a maximum of around twelve pieces of chicken depending on size, although you can fit two of these shelves in the Big Easy fryer, for a total of twenty four pieces.

One thing to look out for when taking the chicken leg holder out of the Big Easy fryer, those pieces of chicken nearest the center of the shelf can fall off. This is because those fingers are supported only at one end, so heat and weight tend to make them sag. This problem is made worse if you put extra pieces of chicken flat on top of the shelf.

Cleaning the drumstick grill rack after use should be really easy, as the meat barely touches the rack. Unless you’re unlucky, a wipe down with a cloth is all it takes, but the shelves are fully dishwasher safe in any case.

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