These grill skewers from Char-Broil are 17” long, and made from chrome. They are flat in section and have a simple loop at the end for hanging. There are four bbq skewers per pack.

At 17” these barbecue skewers should be long enough for most appetites. The point is sharp enough, and they’re easy to load up. They have a mysterious twist near the middle, which I presume helps keep the food in place. The flat cross section does improve the grip on the food, unless it’s really soft. The loop on the end is good for hanging them up for storage, but it’s a bit small for turning them when fully laden. There just isn’t enough metal to get hold of, and I found myself using both hands, with ovens mitts of course.

The long length of these grilling skewers is also ideal for making s’mores and other similar marshmallow based cuisine over a camp fire or similar heat source. I suppose you could also make toast, although I didn’t try it. Barbeque skewers are also ideal for letting older kids toast their o wn snacks, the length keeping them a good distance from the fire. Just remember to take them away before they start using them as light sabres.

These chrome skewers are dishwasher safe, but are pretty easy to clean anyway, simply passing them through a damp sponge should do the trick.

Overall these are simple, basic kabob skewers that do as they’re supposed to. They aren’t the sturdiest grill skewers I’ve ever come across, being made from thin metal, and I can see them bending really easy, although straightening them is just as simple.

The presentation could be better, they’re shrink-wrapped to a piece of card, like something in the fishing tackle store, but that’s a minor detail. My philosophy is you can never have too many kebab skewers, and it’s easy to just grab a pack or three of these when you’re at the store.

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