This particular grill basket for fish is made from steel covered with a non stick coating in black. The basket is approximately 10″ x 10″ x 0.5″, with the handle adding another 14”. The item comes as a single piece with the two halves hinged together. The basket is held closed by a sliding loop. The handle also features a bamboo insert.

The first thing I noticed about this grill basket for fish was how thin it was. I was expecting some kind of fancy hinge when I opened it up, so I could load it up with the manufacturers claimed three whole fish. I was disappointed. You could probably get three whole fish in it, if they were small, and say, half an inch thick, or if they were full size and you stood on the basket.

What we really have here is not a grill basket for fish, but a grill basket for fish fillets. I would say the maximum thickness of any food you put in this would be three-quarters of an inch, and even that would be a squeeze.

Otherwise, it’s an average grill basket for fish. The sliding loop that holds the handles together isn’t very substantial, but if you can get the food to fit, it works ok. You can turn the food easily, the handle keeps hands away from the heat, but also stops the grill lid from closing. It’s also described as having a bamboo handle, but it actually has a bamboo insert in the metal handle, not really sure why. If you’re cooking thin items over a camp fire it’s probably ok, but there are other products which do the same, and more.

The worst thing about this grill basket for fish is the way Char-Broil have tried to make it look like it does hold three fish. The picture on Amazon, which is the same one used on the packaging, seems to show just that. But if you look at the sear pattern, those fish were obviously not cooked in this item. Whether that’s dishonest or just “marketing” I’ll leave to you, but I certainly wouldn’t buy this product.

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