As instant-read digital thermometers go, this one is something of a deluxe model. It’s about the size and shape of a small TV remote, made from black plastic with a quality stainless steel probe. It’s powered by two AAA batteries, which can easily be changed. The unit can also be calibrated by taking the batteries out and replacing them after thirty minutes, but I found it pretty accurate straight out of the box. If you need to change the display between degrees Centigrade and Degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll find the slider switch inside the battery compartment.

On the front panel of this cooking thermometer there are three buttons; minus, plus, and on/off. The minus and plus are used for moving through the menu system. Above this is the display panel, which is very detailed but easy enough to understand. From top to bottom, the display shows; type of meat, the required temperature and whether that’s well done, for instance, and the actual temperature. There’s also a buzzer function, an audible alarm that indicates when the required temperature has been reached. The instant-read function is pretty fast, almost instant in most cases.

The best part of this quick-read thermometer is the probe, in my opinion. It folds neatly away into a groove on the rear of the unit, and hinges out when in use. Because of this hinge, the probe can be held at various angles in relation to the body and still be read easily.

This is not the kind of probe that can be left in the meat for long periods of time, and any moisture will kill it stone dead, so don’t put it in the dishwasher with the other utensils. But overall it’s fast, accurate and very well designed. It’s easy to hold and read, the alarm function is a nice addition, and it’s one of better  instant-read cooking thermometers on the market.

We Ranked This Kitchen Thermometer As The #1 In The Market.

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