These Char-Broil smoker chips are supplied in a plastic bag which contains 179 cubic inches of product, which is just over 2 pounds. They can be used on gas, electric and charcoal grills, and in smoker boxes. They can also be used as a fuel source in their own right. Mesquite wood chips are recommended for meat and vegetables.

Most of the BBQ smoker chips in the bag I received were of a decent size, with very little dust or splinters. They were also dry and clean, with no sign or smell of rot. Mesquite isn’t to everyone’s taste, it can be quite bitter, so if this is your first time using them, don’t go throwing the whole bag on the fire. The flavor is certainly stronger than apple or other fruit chips, and obviously not as sweet.

With mesquite woods smoking chips, I’d say it’s essential you soak them, for at least thirty minutes, and overnight is even better. With such a strong flavor the water helps make it more mellow, and also extends the burn time. I’ve also found that some mesquite smoker wood don’t give any flavor at all when they’re burned dry. You don’t have to soak the chip wood in water of course, I sometimes use apple juice to take the edge off, and you could try beer, wine, or other fruit juices.

Mesquite trees have become something of a problem in some states, driving out other species and taking over large areas. I think it’s our duty as grillers to do something to help the environment, and burn these mesquite smoker chip suckers at every opportunity.

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