The Char-Broil grill brush is over 18” long, is made from plastic and has nylon bristles. It has two metal blades, one on the end and one on the back, opposite the bristles, for scraping. At the opposite end to the brush there is a heavy-duty hook, which can be used to lift bbq grates as well as for hanging the brush between uses.

Being nylon, the Char-Broil grill brush can safely be used on most grills, including chrome, stainless steel, porcelain and cast iron, with little danger of scratching the surface. The Char-Broil bbq brush is not suitable for use on hot grills. Make sure any surfaces you clean are cool enough to touch before using this product. Even so, I found this brush did almost as good a job as a wire brush. The two scraper blades are useful for wide, flat areas, and are both at about the right angle for easy use. But remember they’re made of metal and can scratch non-stick surfaces. The handle is well designed, allowing a good grip and therefore plenty of pressure on the bristles or blades. And being all one piece it’s very sturdy.

The barbecue brush can be cleaned easily enough, grease washes off nylon very easily with a little warm, soapy water.  Another good feature of this cleaning brush is the removable head. You can take it off to clean it or even replace it entirely when it gets worn. I’ve seen replacements for a handful of dollars or less. Certainly any more than that and you’d be better off just buying another brush.

Steel brushes have been in the news lately, over concerns that the bristles can come loose and get in the food and then be swallowed, which can cause all kinds of health issues. If you’re at all concerned about this, switching to a Char-Broil grill brush will help put your mind at ease.

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