The Charcoal Companion baked potato rack is made from steel, covered with a black, non-stick coating. It measures around 2” x 3.5” x 16”. The item features four fins on which the potatoes sit while cooking.

This potato grilling rack is very similar in design to another on the market, almost as if they’re made in the same factory. It has four rounded spikes or fins which are simply punched out of the base and folded upwards. Charcoal Companion claim this potato roasting rack is made from heavy gauge steel, although their opinion and mine differ on what constitutes heavy gauge in this instance.

At least this particular model of potato baker has a non stick coating. Unfortunately, mine and the manufacturer’s opinion vary on what non stick actually means. Even if you spray the baked potato holder with oil, there will still be some amount of force required and residue when removing the potatoes. But at least it can go in the dishwasher, and this does seem to work. Unless you’ve used foil on the potatoes, and this can stick where it touches the potato holder rack, in which case you’ll need to soak it.

As for performance, it seems to depend on the size of the potatoes used if the potato BBQ rack reduces the cooking time or not. It make no difference at all to larger potatoes, but smaller ones do cook faster.  You can wrap them in foil to increase the speed of roasting, but then you might as well do them in the oven, as they won’t pick up much of the BBQ flavor. Sitting the potatoes on the grill and moving them around, in fours, is easier with this, but neither of those are exactly difficult without it.

In the end, with the cleaning, oiling and loading involved, it’s a bit of trouble, but i’d recommend you to test this tool for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy the whole process. After all, the price is affordable for anyone.

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