The Charcoal Companion grill mitt is made from black aramid fibers, with grey silicone texturing which provides the grip. The item measures 13” x 6” approximately. The mitt comes as a single item, which is reversible for left or right-handed use. The long length covers the wrist as well as some of the lower arm.

When you order this product, remember it’s a mitt, and not grill mitts. Why, I’m not sure. Because everyone knows you need two. You’ll pick something up, it will be heavier or more unstable than one hand can manage, and you’ll automatically grab the thing you’re lifting with the other, ungloved, hand. Ouch!

Another thing to note is these bbq mitts are one of those heat resistant gloves, not a full on fire resistant item. The maximum temperature recommended by the manufacturer is 475 degrees F, (or  246 degrees C, if you prefer) As some grills can reach 700 degrees F, that’s obviously not enough.

The single grill glove fits either hand, and I’d say it’s a medium in size, maybe a large at a stretch. It does work well, it’s got good flexibility, and you can still feel what you’re doing when using it. Just remember it’s an oven mitt, and don’t go juggling hot coals or plunging your hand into the fire. It’s great for putting food on the grill, turning skewers and for using with cookware with cool-touch handles. But you should avoid grabbing any metal item that’s been on the grill awhile, use an extra cloth if you’re doing that.

Another drawback is it isn’t machine washable, but needs to be washed by hand and air dried. I also found the insulation came out when I took the grilling glove off. I had to poke it back in with my fingers when I put the gloves back on.

If these barbecue gloves came as a pair, I’d probably be more willing to recommend them, but as they are, and given their limitations, I’d say shop around for something better suited to barbecuing.

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