The Cuisinart non stick grill basket is made from steel with a black non stick coating. The basket measures about 9” x 11.5” x 2” without the handle. The handle itself increases the length to 26”.The item is essentially two parts; the lid and the basket. The lid is adjustable, and is held onto the basket with a metal clip. The handle is heat resistant, and the whole thing can be turned once it’s locked together.

This non stick grilling basket is designed to hold fish, seafood, vegetables and other foods in the basket when grilling. The long handle keeps your hands away from the fire while cooking, and also allows the food to be turned. It has a good capacity, you can get eight or nine burgers in there, and a dozen or more chicken drumsticks.

As with so many products, this Cuisinart non stick fish basket promises many things, but delivers only a few. The unit has an adjustable lid, by which I mean you poke the edge through different bars on the basket to select the height required. The lid section has a shorter handle, which is held to the basket handle by a clip, which is flimsy and poorly designed. This method of closure also makes loading the food more difficult, particularly when grilling mixed items. The lid forms a triangle with the base of the basket, so you have to make sure you arrange the food in order of height, or it will move around.

I also found the bars of this fish grill basket too far apart, which means you can’t cook smaller items or those likely to fall apart. As for the heat resistant handle, better to wear oven gloves. And of course, the long handle prevents the closing of the lid on most grills, so this item is more for use over a fire pit or camp fire.

You can grill food with this fish grilling basket, but it’s not easy. Don’t give yourself extra chores to do when grilling, but choose another, well designed product.

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