The Cuisinart pigtail meat flipper is made from heavy-duty polished stainless steel, has a wooden handle with a leather hanging loop, and measures 18” overall. The tip is curved into a hook with a sharpened tip.

Despite its thin appearance, this pigtail meat hook is actually quite sturdy. The metal shaft is made from a heavier duty metal than others, which makes it lighter but stronger. I did notice some bending when flipping heavy meats like ribs, so not completely recommended for that, but it handles all but the largest of steaks with no problems.

The length of this bbq meat flipper is about right, not too long so it feels like you’ll lose control, but long enough to keep your hands away from the heat. The shaped handle is comfortable, and allows you to get a good grip. The point is sharp, of course, but quite small. When turning meat you should only get the tiniest of holes at the ends of the food, so all the juices shouldn’t leak out. You really don’t need to go in too deep anyway, as you’re only moving the food around.

Pigtail BBQ hooks are easy to use once you get used to using them, and can be used to turn, flip, reposition and generally move all kinds of foods, not just meat. Because of the sharp point, this is probably one of the better ones for turning bacon.

The wooden handle of this pig tail meat turner means it shouldn’t really go in the dishwasher. But a quick wipe of the hook with some soapy water should be more than enough to get it clean. I’d say it’s probably a bit over-priced compared to others on the market, and it isn’t great for really big pieces of meat, but it does work for most other things, it looks good, and works great on bacon.

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