The Oxo Good Grips Flavor Injector is made from BPA-free plastic with soft plastic handles and stainless steel needles. The clear barrel has a two ounce capacity with a measurement scale in ounces and milliliters. There are two needles, one for thin marinade and one for thick, indicated by red and grey “flag” grips.

Someone has obviously put some time and effort into this very well designed good grips flavor injector. Starting with the handle and the source of its name, the non-slip and easy to use open layout is excellent. It allows quick and confident use, allowing you to deliver the marinade exactly where you want it. It fills easily as well and can be used by people with different sized hands. The two needles have color-coded thread grips, like little flags, that allow the screwing in of the needles even when you have greasy hands. The measurement scale on the side of the good grips flavor injector is large and easy to read, and quite precise.

When you finished you’re marinating session, the flavor injector is easy to clean, and the needles store inside the unit for safety and stopping them from getting lost. Another nice touch.

The good grips flavor injector does have a couple of minor drawbacks. Firstly it’s made of plastic. It feels solid enough, but plastic is always going to be second best to stainless steel. Secondly, the two supplied needles don’t allow the use of chunky marinade. One is for liquids like brine, the other for something like a smooth sauce. Chunky marinade would just block it up. As far as I know, you can’t buy extra needles.

If you never use chunky marinade, and you like the design and other features, and maybe if it’s only getting light use, this could be the marinade injector for you.

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