The GrillPro meat injector is around  4.5” x 1.5” x 10” in size, and is made of plastic with a stainless steel injector needle. The needle is capped at the end, and has a single large hole in the side. The injection chamber holds 30 ml or around 1 fluid ounce of marinade.

This GrillPro seasoning injector is made of plastic, except the plunger shaft and the needle. The body in particular is that clear, brittle kind, the rest isn’t so bad. It has a scale on the side in ml and ounces, although I don’t know anyone who marinades so precisely. The needle is sharp enough to do the job, but using anything other than thin liquid will cause it to clog up, even particles of herbs and spices.  At least it comes apart to clean, although this is more of a one-use item.

If you went into a store and had a choice of food injectors, it’s very doubtful you’d choose this one. Even looking at the picture online you can tell it isn’t going to be as good as many others. You’d look at the others made from shiny metal and with two or more needles, and you’d reject this one.

In this case you would be correct. The plastic body of this marinade injector is brittle and will shatter easily. There is a weak point where the body meets the needle, so the needle could actually break off in the meat. The seal on the plunger also leaks, reducing the pressure and leaving marinade behind. And the threads on the parts that screw together strip far too easily.

Overall, you should really avoid low quality plastic flavor injectors, trust your instincts and go for a better made stainless steel model. A company called GrillPro really should be turning out more substantial products.

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