This GrillPro wing roasting rack is around 7” x 17” x 1.5” in size, and is made from stainless steel with a brushed finish. There are two parts: the wing rack itself and a drip tray. The rack has twelve slots to hold the chicken, which stands on four wire legs. The rack and the drip tray have wire handles at each end. The rack also folds up for easy storage.

I wasn’t impressed when I saw this wing roaster rack, it’s quite flimsy, obviously cheaply made, and the design isn’t the best. And despite it being called a wing grill rack, it isn’t that easy to hang wings, or thighs, on it. The slots on the rack will only take smaller drumsticks, and even then they tend to slide out if the rack is moved, or if you breathe too closely. I also had trouble getting the legs to stay in the slots they’re supposed to sit in. Again, any slight movement and out they pop.

It’s good the chicken drumstick rack comes with a drip tray, although this isn’t the thickest piece of metal I’ve seen. It does catch the drips, and you can load it up with vegetables, or use the juices for gravy. The tray also serves to provide indirect heat to the food, and stops flare-ups, as well as allowing the item to sit on most grill surfaces. The chicken wing holder can also be used in a conventional oven if required.

When it works, this wing BBQ rack turns out well cooked food, it’s dishwasher safe and cleans up ok afterwards. But it’s not really a chicken wing rack, but more of a leg rack, although not really much of one.

I would expect a company called GrillPro to turn out a descent product, especially at this price. In this instance, that’s not the case.

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