These Artisan Griller AG3001T heat resistant cooking gloves are made from neoprene rubber over a jersey cotton lining. The gloves are black on the outside, with a raised pattern to increase grip. They are supplied as a pair of large size 9s, the manufacturer claiming they’ll fit most people. The extended cuff makes the gloves 17” long. As well as being heat resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, they are grease, oil and water resistant.

Now, these heat resistant cooking gloves aren’t the most stylish, being very simple black neoprene, but that’s only a minor consideration. For some reason, the manufacturer has decided that size 9 is ideal and works for most people. My hands are quite large and they do fit comfortably but are easy to put on and take off. If you have smaller hands you might want to avoid these.

The rated heat resistance of these cooking gloves is lower than some I’ve seen, but 500 degrees F is enough for most normal barbecuing and cooking situations. You can certainly grab hold of the hottest meats and lift them off the grill with no problem. When it comes to handling hot metal such as grill bars and cast iron pans you can feel the heat coming through. This means you have 15 to 30 seconds or so before it gets too uncomfortable, depending on your hands. You could always wear a second pair of gloves underneath, but that kind of defeats the object.

I like the extended cuffs on these heat resistant cooking gloves, which reach a good way to the elbow, and the non-slip ridges in the neoprene. These offer great protection when working over the grill or around boiling water.

Overall I’d say these heat resistant gloves are more a kitchen and small barbecue item. If you’re using larger, i.e hotter, equipment you’d be better off using a product with a higher rating.

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