The Homeasy Wood Pellet Smoker Tube is made from high quality 304 stainless steel, is 12” long and approximately 2” across. It’s hexagonal in section, open at one end and has a perforated end cap at the other. All the sides are perforated. A single fill will give three to five hours of smoke. It can be used on any grill.

Like most similar items, this wood pellet smoker tube is easy to use. Just fill it with dry pellets, light it, make sure it’s smoking but there are no flames, and place it on the grill. It will give off smoke evenly along its length once it’s fully burning, adding that smokey flavor to everything you grill. The small size means it takes up less space on the grill but also reduces smoking time. Although the quoted three to five hours should be enough for most grilling sessions, and you can always refill it.

Wood pellet smoker tubes can also be used for cold smoking. This simply involves using a cold grill to smoke foods such as salmon, vegetables and many other food items without heat. The process for using the pellet tube is otherwise the same as for normal smoking

This particular wood pellet smoker tube is certainly a looker. It’s hexagonal shape and shiny stainless steel certainly make it eye-catching. The big question is: does the shape make a difference to the smoke output or flavor? In my experience, it doesn’t, but I’m not a barbecue scientist. (What a great job that would be!)

Homeasy says this wood pellet smoker tube is easy to clean, being made of stainless steel. Personally, I don’t think they need to be cleaned. You build up a nice smokey residue after several uses, and it seems a waste to lose all that potential flavor in the wash.

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