The King Kooker pepper roasting rack is made from stainless steel with a polished finish. It measures around 10” square and is almost 2” deep. In the top are thirty six holes, arranged in six rows of six. The holes are 1” in diameter. Two of the sides are folded over to form legs, the other two lip-style handles.

The item also comes with a stainless steel coring tool. The King Kooker jalapeno roasting rack is very similar to others on the market, in that it’s a folded piece of steel with holes drilled in the top. Very little thought or effort has gone into it, it could just as well be a tool rack or a test tube holder. But does it work? Unfortunately, the answer is yes and no. It holds peppers of a certain size upright while you fill and cook them. But not all peppers fit, and it seems to depend on where you live whether the holes are too big or too small. It’s also too shallow for some longer peppers. Performance can be improved by using every other hole, but this reduces the capacity by half of course.

Moving the pepper grill rack around isn’t easy, particularly when loaded up. The sides are just folded over, not really handles, so you have no choice but to use oven mitts or cloths.

Another problem with this pepper grilling rack is the poor quality control. The one I have still has sharp edges, something that should have been dealt with before leaving the factory.

And you can’t put this pepper BBQ rack in the dishwasher, so hand washing is your only option, although the polished finish makes it relatively easy.

As for the corer that comes with the stuffed jalapenos rack, well, it’s basically a cheap vegetable peeler, so not really a positive. Overall, I’d recommend this product only with reservations.

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